Functional Drawings and Paintings

by Barbara Jeanne Jenkins


In August of 2017, I moved from Evanston to Rogers Park with my partner, daughter, and our crazy dog Honey. Although the move was less than a five minute drive from one apartment to the other, the worlds are entirely different. In Rogers Park, there is true beauty that is in high contrast to the Urban Landscape. The mixture of the tulips, the staggering brick walls and chain link fences create a different kind of aesthetic than the purposely pruned environment around my old home.


In my new neighborhood, I began every morning with an adventure walking the dog around the blocks and by the lake, admiring the gardens, and noticing the interruptions. Once a week I looked forward to a trip to the Farmer’s Market. Much smaller than the Market in my old town, there is one vendor that I began to look forward to each week. A lovely flower vendor that travels all the way from Milwaukee. They have Dahlias, Sunflowers, Tube Rose, and all of Summer’s delights. Most importantly, they are sold in generous bundles that make the loveliest bouquets.


My new apartment is big enough for me to have a sun room studio all to myself. I began placing the fresh flowers in my studio every week. Every morning, after my walk with the dog I would sit and draw the beautiful bouquet. I enjoyed this ritual so much, but once the fall came, there were no more flowers, and I began to work in clay. I decided to work in porcelain, I could make a vessel with the drawings on the container. They could be ready and waiting for the flowers once Summer came back.


After a while I was wanting to work in color. Recently, I have been making pattern paintings with bright vivid colors. Some find their way on vessels with under glaze, and others are getting turned in to plant based, hand knotted carpets made in Nepal!


Fast forward to 2019, and I am in full production with my ceramics. I have a steady online business, and am excited to expand and bring my wares and our new carpets to new and exciting places. Everyone who encounters Jenkins on Jonquil’s work can see and feel the attention to each detail, and the love that went in to every single object. Who doesn’t want that in their home?


Jenkins on Jonquil aims to bring inspiration and positivity into the home. We take original passions and reignite them through the opportunities and challenges that come with life. We are committed to creativity and change. As a company we are extremely conscientious of work ethics and societal equality. All pieces represent Barbara’s best vision of products healthy for the environment. All proceeds of the business are reinvested into Jenkins on Jonquil to promote positive work culture and empower Jenkins on Jonquil’s artistic mission.

Barbara Jeanne Jenkins  photo credit: Briana Ford

Barbara Jeanne Jenkins

photo credit: Briana Ford